BackDAT Online Backup - Powerful Backup Policies

Visual policy editor
Point and click editing of advanced backup policies. Intuitive user interface allows you to create and modify backup policies. Editor provides instant visual feedback on all changes and includes unlimited undo / redo.

Visualization of exactly which files are included for backup
Visually verify backup policies are correct. No longer manually parse through textual policy descriptions to understand if a file will be backed up or not. Instead, browse through an explorer-like view and instantly see which files are included / excluded and which policy rules affect the files you select.

Search based backup
Indicate files to include by file type or name. Don't worry about exactly where data is stored. Instead specify the types of files that should be backed up and have BackDAT find and backup it for you.

Advanced policy engine
Create flexible backup policies. Use wildcards or regular expressions to precisely specify what should and should not be backed up.

Smart default policies
Spend less time configuring backups. Default policies include user's documents and data such as Outlook files and also exclude temporary data for common applications.