BackDAT Online Backup - Proven Backup Engine

Block level incremental backups
Enjoy fast and efficient backups. Only the blocks within a file that have changed between backups are uploaded and stored, conserving bandwidth and disk usage.

Open and locked file support
Backup without closing your applications. No matter what your customers do at the end of their day, this ensures that a consistent backup of every file is taken. Some businesses have staff working around the clock and cannot afford to close server applications during backup.
On BackDAT Basic, open file support is only supported for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (or later)
On BackDAT Select, open file support is supported for for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (or later), Server 2003 (or later)

Support for files larger than 4 GB
No artificial limits. Our system is engineered end to end to reliably support files of any size (see our resilient network communication features). Our customers regularly backup files larger than 20 GB or more without difficulty.

Initial backup of large data sets to USB disk
Get up and running quickly. Some businesses may have tens or hundreds of GBs of data to backup, but can't wait the month or two it would require for the software to upload this much data using their ADSL or even T1 connection. These customers can perform the initial backup to a USB disk or portable RAID device and ship the device to us, where it will then be loaded into their account. Incremental backups (which are quite small compared to the initial backup) will then begin automatically. A full backup never has to be performed again. The initial backup is fully encrypted and completely secure.

Network drive support
Backup data anywhere on the network. Any data that you can access from your Windows computer can be accessed.

Map network drives before a backup begins
Reduce manual intervention after LAN or file server failures. BackDAT can automatically remap a network drive before the backup begins, ensuring that if the network drive was disconnected manual intervention is not required for backups to resume.

Automatic removal of excluded data previously backed up
Easily manage your disk usage. If data was previously backed up but then is marked as excluded by the user, the software can automatically destroy this data during the next backup run. Combined with our disk usage notification features, this allows the user to easily fine tune their backup policies.