BackDAT Online Backup - Enterprise-grade Server Infrastructure

99.999% reliability for all core systems
A solution is never more reliable than its underlying infrastructure. We build on the best available to ensure that our service is functional 24~7.

Tier-1, multihomed, route-optimized server Internet connections
Five Gig-E backbone links connect us to the rest of the world.

Redundant power feeds, on-site generators, and UPS systems
External and internal power failures will not affect our systems.

Redundant Liebert cooling systems
Proper cooling is critical to reliable equipment operation. Redundant cooling ensures equipment failures will not cause equipment to overheat. Sensors within our equipment continually monitor for unsafe temperatures.

Multilevel security including biometrics, surveillance, and 24~7 guards
Physical security is just as important as network security.

24~7 monitoring of all services for fast detection and repair
If problems do occur, our operations team is immediately notified and dispatched to resolve the problem.