BackDAT Online Backup - Local Backups

Backups to locally attached storage
Utilize direct attached storage. Backup your data locally to direct-attached storage, such as an external USB hard disk.

Backups to network attached storage
Utilize network attached storage. Backup your data locally to any network-attached storage device compatible with the host operating system.

Centralized local backups
Centrally manage and monitor local backups. Have many computers backup to one central server on your local network, allowing efficient use of storage resources.

Near-zero additional configuration
Add local backups in seconds. Avoid the hassle of configuring other backup programs. After configuring remote backups, local backups can be configured in seconds by specifying the target path and schedule.

Optionally disable encryption for local backups
Choose security vs recoverability. On-disk encryption can be turned off for local backups if desired so that data can be recovered even if the pass phrase is forgotten.
Changing this setting is as easy as checking a box.

Versions stored in local backups
Fully featured local backups. Local backups enjoy the same feature set as remote backups, including full file versioning. (Not available in BackDAT Basic)