BackDAT Online Backup - Standards-based Security

Encrypted data transfer
Ensures secure communication even in malicious environments (e.g. open wireless networks). All communication between your computer and our servers is secured using SSL -- the same technology that protects your banking transactions.

Encrypted data storage on server (AES-256 bit)
Protects your data from prying eyes. AES-256 bit is the new international standard for data encryption, and has been approved by the U.S. government for encryption of TOP SECRET data. Your data enjoys the same level of protection and is encrypted before leaving your computer.

Cryptographic data integrity protection (HMAC-SHA-256 bit)
Have confidence that the data you restore is exactly the same as the data that was backed up. Every block of data is tagged with a cryptographic seal. If your data is tampered with, the cryptographic seal is broken, and you will be alerted.

Secure, unique 2-party pass phrase recovery process (RSA-3072 bit)
A safety-net in case your other pass phrase recovery processes fail. This process, exclusive to BackDAT, allows you to recover your pass phrase if necessary. The process has been carefully engineered so that the recovery requires the cooperation of BackDAT to recover the pass phrase, and yet at the same time it is computationally infeasible for BackDAT to see your pass phrase under any circumstance. The use of this feature is optional if you prefer to exclusively rely on your own pass phrase recovery methods.

Pass phrase privacy
Gives you peace of mind because you know your data is secure under all circumstances. No one at BackDAT or anyone else even has the ability to access your pass phrase or encryption key. It is computationally infeasible for us to access your key or decrypt your data.

Pass phrase strength wizard
Security is only as strong as the weakest link. Strong encryption is worthless if users choose an insecure pass phrase. This helps users create a strong, secure pass phrase. The software visually indicates the strength of new pass phrases, and will warn users if the chosen pass phrase is too weak and will give suggestions as to how to improve the strength of the pass phrase.

Print / export pass phrase during setup
Helps you safeguard the pass phrase. Allows you to take precautions to ensure that the pass phrase is not lost or forgotten.

Software manipulation safeguards
Protects the software from malicious manipulation. The software uses several security mechanisms to safeguard sensitive settings that govern the backup, such as your credentials, the encryption key, and backup policies.