BackDAT Online Backup - Robust Versioning System

Please Note:  The below versioning features are only available for BackDAT Select accounts.

Unlimited historical versioning
Restore data as it existed at any point in time. Historical versions are efficiently stored and are kept for a configurable amount of time (or forever).

Customizable preservation of deleted files
Protect against accidental or malicious deletion. Files previously backed up that are deleted by the user are kept for a configurable amount of time (or forever).

Powerful version control settings
Support your document retention policies. Control precisely how many historical versions should be kept. In addition to specifying the number of days to keep historical versions, specify the minimum and maximum number of versions to keep. This allows you to ensure that your document retention policies are strictly adhered to.

Customize version settings by folder or file
Reduce data storage needs as desired. Historical information for certain folders or files may not be needed. Customized settings can be associated with any folder or policy rule, allowing versioning to be customized at the finest granularity.

Versions stored using reverse deltas
Technology provides superior data integrity and faster incremental backups. With this technology, a full backup only has to be performed once. From then on only incremental changes are uploaded. However, in contrast to tape backups, the most recent backup is always a full backup, and the deltas store how to get from a newer version to an older version.